Conducting the Business According to Applicable Law and Our Code of Conduct

Welcome to Hyp Group. As a leader in our respective industries, we are committed to conducting our business in accordance with applicable laws and our stringent internal Code of Conduct. This commitment forms the backbone of our trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders and ensures the integrity and sustainability of our operations.

Legal Compliance

At Hyp Group, we prioritize full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our operations globally. This includes, but is not limited to, adhering to anti-corruption laws, employment standards, and health and safety regulations across all regions where we operate. Our legal team continuously monitors regulatory changes to ensure that our practices remain compliant and that all employees are informed of and understand their legal responsibilities.

Our commitment to legal compliance and ethical behavior requires continuous improvement and adaptation. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure they meet current legal standards and reflect best practices in corporate governance.

For detailed information on specific policies or to access our complete Code of Conduct, please refer to our Policy Directory.

Together, we can ensure that our business not only meets but exceeds the ethical and legal standards that are expected of us. We encourage all employees and stakeholders to report any suspected violations of our legal obligations or our Code of Conduct through our reporting channels. These reports can be made anonymously and will be thoroughly investigated by our compliance team.

Responcible Sourcing

For further details on specific requirements and guidelines, please refer to the full Hyp Group Responsible Sourcing Standards document available on our website.

Forward-looking informationResponcible Sourcing

This page may contain forward-looking information. Such information is subject to a variety of significant uncertainties, including scientific, business, economic and financial factors, and therefore actual results may differ significantly from those presented.


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Group policies

The Hyp Group Policy Directory page serves as a centralized resource where stakeholders can access comprehensive governance documents related to Hyp Group and its subsidiaries, including hyplive, Hyp Commerce, Outsourced Print, Centeria, Willow & White, Starx Flag UK, Event Wall, and Workspace Wall Art. Each company section on the page outlines specific policies tailored to its industry and operational focus, ranging from data protection and customer service to environmental and advertising ethics. The page encourages users to reach out via a provided email for any further inquiries or additional information, highlighting Hyp Group's commitment to maintaining up-to-date policies that reflect both client needs and environmental responsibilities.

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At Hyp Group, sustainability lies at the heart of our mission to generate value and prosperity for all stakeholders and the planet. We uphold ethical relationships, empower diverse talent, and drive sustainable development across our organization.

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Responsible Sourcing 

Central to Hyp Group's mission is the unwavering commitment to sourcing with care, a principle that underpins our dedication to fostering sustainable and ethical business practices that positively impact.

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Hyp Group Tax Strategy

We regard our group tax strategy to be compliant with Paragraph 16 of Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016 in terms of content and meeting our responsibility to publish our strategy.

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Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to ethics and compliance is dynamic, requiring ongoing evaluation and adaptation:

  • Policy Reviews: Regular review of our policies and procedures to align with evolving laws and industry standards.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with stakeholders to gain insights and feedback on our compliance and ethics practices.

For more detailed information or to view our full Code of Conduct and specific compliance policies, please visit our Policy Directory.

At Hyp Group, we are dedicated to upholding an ethical workplace and conducting our business responsibly. We appreciate every team member's efforts in maintaining these standards, and together, we build a reputable and sustainable business.